Want to do something amazing? Head to Bali

For many people, travelling to new parts of the world is a dream come true. But sometimes, these dreams remain unrealised or unfulfilled. When I turned 26 I felt stuck in a rut. I was still young, of course, but aware of the pressures I would face over the next few years; settle down, buy a home and have children…

…I had enjoyed my life so far and was grateful to live in a world of opportunities. But I still felt an overwhelming desire to do more, to see more, to take in the world while I was still in my twenties. Eventually, I found myself repeating the phrase; I want to do something amazing. I want to do something amazing.
Before long I had made my mind up. I would do something amazing. I would go to Bali.

Why Bali?

The world is vast and full of beauty and wonder. I hope one day to see it all. But in this particular stage of my life, I chose Bali. And here are five reasons why.
1 – The culture Bali is known for its rich culture, and there is fascinating history and beauty around every corner. From traditional ceremonies and celebrations, to art, temples and dancing, there is a chance to be amazed by something different every single day. It is the perfect place to be enlightened, inspired and enriched.
2 – The opportunities In Bali you can tick off so many bucket list items on one trip. Amazing adventures such as hiking up mountains, surfing in sparkling seas and cycling around islands are all on offer here. For a more relaxed vibe there are gorgeous infinity pools with breath-taking views and the chance to experience an authentic Balinese massage. And for animal lovers, once in a life opportunities including snorkelling with turtles, visiting the monkey temple and sunrise boat rides to see beautiful dolphins up close.
3 – The weather Good weather breeds good vibes, and Bali weather offers plenty of reasons to smile. Sunny days and warm temperatures make for days lounging by the pool or visiting waterfalls. To top it off Bali boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, perfect for long days in the sun.
4 – The food The people of Bali are proud of their cuisine, making this country an ideal location for those who want to do something truly amazing and try new things. With fresh ingredients and tantalising flavours, food in Bali is said to be a taste sensation.
5 – The price Despite all it has to offer, Bali is an extremely affordable place to visit. With warm, welcoming hostels and luxury hotels there is something to suit all budgets. For many people, money holds them back from travelling, but there are plenty of affordable options to ensure you can do something amazing without breaking the bank.
With all that in mind it’s not hard to see why I chose Bali as my “do something amazing” choice. If you want to do something amazing too, then check out The Bali Adventure, where you’ll find the trip of a lifetime at one great price.

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