Travelling to Bali is a dream for many, but a lot of people hold back due to money. It is easy to assume that a place of such beauty is way out of your price range, but did you know that by joining a group tour you can make big savings? Here’s how a group tour with The Bali Adventure can save you money: Reduced travel expenses Joining one of our group tours means you’ll have less to spend on travel. With airport transfers and transport during the tour included in the price, it’s one less thing to worry about. Travel this way is safe, fun and avoids the big price tags of private taxis and transfers. Luxury accommodation without the price tag At The Bali Adventure you experience luxury travel on a backpackers budget. Thanks to our expert knowledge, we’re able to secure great prices at beautiful hotels. This means you can enjoy stunning accommodation, with picture-esque pools, jaw dropping views, and comfortable beds, without breaking the bank. Activities included There is so much to see and do in Bali. Do you want to take a boat ride to see the dolphins? Visit the rice terraces? Explore the monkey
For many people, travelling to new parts of the world is a dream come true. But sometimes, these dreams remain unrealised or unfulfilled. When I turned 26 I felt stuck in a rut. I was still young, of course, but aware of the pressures I would face over the next few years; settle down, buy a home and have children… …I had enjoyed my life so far and was grateful to live in a world of opportunities. But I still felt an overwhelming desire to do more, to see more, to take in the world while I was still in my twenties. Eventually, I found myself repeating the phrase; I want to do something amazing. I want to do something amazing. Before long I had made my mind up. I would do something amazing. I would go to Bali. Why Bali? The world is vast and full of beauty and wonder. I hope one day to see it all. But in this particular stage of my life, I chose Bali. And here are five reasons why. 1 – The culture Bali is known for its rich culture, and there is fascinating history and beauty around every corner. From traditional ceremonies

12th July 2018

Beautiful Bali Beaches

The beaches surrounding the beautiful island of Bali are nothing short of spectacular. They’re also very diverse, with each beach offering something completely different to its visitors, be it long stretches of white sand, strong waves perfect for surfing or an abundance coral reefs and marine life. When you visit, you should definitely check out the Bali beaches. If you’re struggling to know where to go (there are a lot of options, after all), we’ve put together a little guide of our top 5 Bali beaches to help you find your perfect spot to rest, play or explore. Kuta Beach Kuta beach is known as the most famous of the Bali beaches and is a hot spot for both tourists and locals. The Bali Adventure spends a few days in Kuta so you can take a look with us or come back later. During the day, surfers may want to take advantage of the strong current and high waves, and at night the beach is lit up with parties across the many beach clubs. The beach is an 8km stretch of sand so there’ll be plenty of room for your beach towel when you want to take a little time