Beautiful Bali Beaches

The beaches surrounding the beautiful island of Bali are nothing short of spectacular. They’re also very diverse, with each beach offering something completely different to its visitors, be it long stretches of white sand, strong waves perfect for surfing or an abundance coral reefs and marine life. When you visit, you should definitely check out the Bali beaches. If you’re struggling to know where to go (there are a lot of options, after all), we’ve put together a little guide of our top 5 Bali beaches to help you find your perfect spot to rest, play or explore.

Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is known as the most famous of the Bali beaches and is a hot spot for both tourists and locals. The Bali Adventure spends a few days in Kuta so you can take a look with us or come back later. During the day, surfers may want to take advantage of the strong current and high waves, and at night the beach is lit up with parties across the many beach clubs. The beach is an 8km stretch of sand so there’ll be plenty of room for your beach towel when you want to take a little time out and soak up the sun. It’s vibrant and lively atmosphere will guarantee a good time and the gorgeous sunsets will have you snapping away on your cameras. A must-see Bali beach.

Bias Tugal/Tugel

Known also as Pantai Kecil (little beach – cute, right?), Bias Tugal is a hidden haven in the East of Bali and one of the more ‘secret’ Bali beaches. You’ll have to venture down a 500m rocky path to reach it, but the pay-off of this Bali beach is definitely worth it. White sand, blue seas and an abundance of coral make this place seem like paradise. It’s much less busy that Kuta beach, which makes it the perfect place to idle the day away snoozing on the sand or snorkeling in the sea.

Lovina Beach

The calm sea and low waves make this one of the more swimmer-friendly Bali beaches, and the lack of tourists may appeal to those who prefer a more authentic experiences of Bali. Lovina beach is covered in incredible black sand, caused by cooled lava from the nearby Mt Agung volcano, which makes it pretty unique and an interesting place to visit. There’s also a nearby village and thermal hot springs (again a result of the volcano), and did we mention the dolphins? A lot of people come down in the mornings to catch a sight of the majestic creatures frolicking in the waters.

Sanur Beach

Sanur beach is located near to Denpasar, one of the spots we’ll be visiting on The Bali Adventure, and is known for its traditional charm and relaxed atmosphere. The beach isn’t as lively as Kuta but isn’t as hidden away as Bias Tugal, making it that perfect in-between. Calm waters and less people make this a great one for a family day out, especially if you have young children to keep an eye on! The beach itself is very picturesque; a long stretch of white sand, blue waters and the greenery of foliage of the resort fronts lining the edge. A tranquil highlight of the Bali beaches.

Karma Beach

Karma beach is the luxury brand equivalent of the Bali beaches. You do have to pay to visit this one, but a day pass is relatively cheap for what you get and not difficult to sort out (you can usually just get them from the beach resort on the day). The beach is said to be a bit of a favourite amongst celebrities and the area has been home to some notable names in the past, so you’ll certainly feel a little bit of a VIP coming here! A cable car down allows for some great views, and free snorkeling gear and paddle boards are included in your day pass. There’s plenty of great food and drink to choose from, and even sunset films for those who enjoy their entertainment alfresco! If you’re going to pay for a beach visit, make sure it’s for the most luxurious of the Bali beaches.

So, there you have it! Our round up of 5 of the best Bail beaches, all offering something a little different. From the lively atmosphere of Kuta to the black sand of Lovina, and even an alfresco cinema at Karma beach, Bali beaches really do have it all. Pick yours and get going!

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